3rd edition! 3. Ausgabe


Leseversion/reading version

Druckversion/printing version

Themen der Ausgabe sind/ issues in the edition:

  • Gefangenenbriefe/ letters from prisoners
  • Technical Point: Distel Knoten/Distel-Knot
  • WAA
  • Mobilisierungstext für den Hambi/ mobilisation text for Hambi
  • Rezept: Brennesselsuppe/recipe: nettel soup
  • News
  • Die Definition von Anarchie/ the definition of anarchy
  • Bericht zur Isolation von UPIII/ report about the isolation of UPIII
  • Song: “stop to wait”/”Das warten ist vorbei”
  • Aktionen im Hambi-Umfeld
  • Fancy Fire Starter
  • Für den Ausbruch aus unserem Alltags-Gefängnis!/For the outbreak of our everyday life prisons!
  • ZAD partout? – Ein Erfahrungsbreicht/ ZAD – an experience report
  • Spitzwegerich
  • song: “Auf die Barrikaden”
  • Reisebericht Sophienhöhe/ travel report Sophienhöhe
  • Hambi Crusti Survival: Extreme Cooking
  • News from Pont Valley
  • toilets of Hambi
  • Cultural Appropiation/ Kulturelle Aneeignung
  • Hambi-Rap
  • Termine/ dates
  • Skillshare Ende September/Skillshare end of september

Shitbarricade #2nd issue!

second edition


reading version

This is the new edition of the beloved fantastic shitbarricade! you can download and print the file and spread the shit among the peopleeeeee! there are two files which contain both the same just in a different order. the first one is in a seemingly confused order for printing it as a brochure, the second one is chronological. it depends on your computer if you need to take the first or the second file. just try it out! -> print it double page and on front and back page


Contents:/ Inhalte:

  • The occupation behind the newspaper/ Die Besetzung hinter der Zeitung
  • Minutes from the Grüne Plenum
  • Mittelspecht/ MIddle-spotted woodpocker
  • recipe – how to bake pizza without an oven/ Rezept wie ohne Ofen ne Pizza gebacken werden kann
  • Technical Point: Mastwurf/ Clove hitch
  • DIY: To do with a T-shirt
  • Anarchist News:
    • Hochgeschwindigkeitszug in Murcia, Spanien/ High-Speed train in Murcia, Spain
    • Solidarität mit russischen anarchistischen Gefangenen/ Solidarity with russian anarchist prisoners
  • Hambi Crusty Survival/ Hambi krustiges überleben
  • How to prevent a plenary from (fun)ctioning/ Wie können Plena vor dem funktionieren bewahrt werden?
  • Eadable Wildherbs: Gemeiner Löwenzahn/ Common Dandelion
  • Barrikadenräumung/ barricade eviction in the 22.1.2018 with comic
  • dragon picture
  • prison comic
  • song: tear apart the walls
  • criticism of the movement: gender identity
  • Voices of Hambi
  • control of financial means by third parties
  • Müll – wohin damit?/ garbage – where with it?
  • Supporter criticism
  • Pure Eschatology
  • How to cure pussy infection with garlic
  • 10 things to do with tofu sausage
  • Hambi dictionary
  • HambiEvents


First edition of the shitbarricade

first edition

reading version


we printed it two sites per page and double sited, so we already put the pages in the right order for printing them as a brochure. (the pages are not chronological on purpose).

Contents of the edition/ Themen der Ausgabe:

– In the christmas bakery/ In der Weihnachtsbäckerei

– Idea of the newspaper/ Idee der Zeitung

– DIY: How to produce an orange candke/ wie eine orangen produziert werden kann

– Our newspaper – a waste of paper? Or is a “right” life within “wrong” circumstances possible?/ Ist unsere Zeitung Papierverschwendung? Oder gibt es ein “richtiges” Leben im “Falschen”?

– Eatable Wildherbs: White dead nettle/ Essbare Wildpflanzen: Taubnessel

– Hambacher History: Prison letter/ Hambi-Geschichte: Gefangenenbrief

– Miners song

– Anarchist News:

  • Kabelbrand am Hambacher Tagebau (nur deutsch)
  • Turn around the fear (only english)

– Action climbing: Golden rules/ Goldene Kletter-Regeln

– Custody-Support in the custody/ GeSa-Support in der GeSa

– Interview mit Bewohner*innen im Hambi (nur deutsch)

– Technical Point: Alpine butterfly knot/ Schmetterlingsknoten

– story: 1828 earth rotations – First Chapter Chamelon (only english)

– Announcements

– Riddle/ Rätsel